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11 Jan, 2021 admin

Natural Remedies for Vaginal Dryness

Are you suffering from vaginal dryness? Vaginal atrophy is one of the most significant complaints made by women going through menopause. It is second only to hot flushes. Vaginal dryness is a distressing condition that can result in pain and itchiness for women going through it. The considerable discomfort caused by vaginal atrophy can become Read More >>

weak pelvic floor

Pregnancy is a common cause of a weak pelvic floor in women.  The weight of a growing baby combined with the stress of labor on the body can make it a challenge for the pelvic floor to fully recover. But there are ways to slowly strengthen your pelvic floor using gentle exercises like yoga. Check Read More >>

bladder pain

Many people suffer from bladder pain without knowing the direct cause. Bladder pain might be embarrassing, and some women choose not to seek treatment. Unfortunately, bladder pain can be a symptom of some harmful conditions. If treatment isn’t sought and administered, the situation could become serious. If you or a loved one is suffering from an Read More >>

what is stress urinary incontinence

Are you afraid of experiencing an embarrassing leak each time you sneeze, cough, or even laugh? This condition, known as stress bladder incontinence, is very common, but there are plenty of treatment options that can allow those who suffer from it to live a normal life. What is stress urinary incontinence, and how is it Read More >>

27 Oct, 2020 admin

What Is Urogynecology? 7 Fast Facts

Have you experienced that terrible feeling when you break or laughing or move suddenly? The feeling of a little bit of pee coming out or the feeling like you might wet yourself? This urinary incontinence is uncomfortable and embarrassing and probably not something you want to openly discuss. You might even feel embarrassed to bring Read More >>

vagina feels numb

Up to 90% of women orgasm from one form of sexual stimulation or another. For women with vulvar numbness, though, the very notion of orgasming can seem like a pipe dream. Instead of the typical sense of arousal and stimulation, their vagina feels numb during sex. It’s as if they’ve been administered a local anesthetic, Read More >>

frequent urination

If you’re wondering about your urine health, you’re not alone. Your urine says a lot about your health; the color it is, the way it smells, and even the way you feel while urinating. Did you know that 1 out of 2 women suffers from urinary incontinence? Even though urination problems are common, they can Read More >>

8 Jul, 2020 Blog Team

What is a Rectocele?

Normal anatomy and a rectocele A rectocele is a type of pelvic organ prolapse. It happens when the supporting ligaments and muscles weaken in the pelvic floor. Other names for a rectocele are a posterior vaginal wall prolapse or proctocele. Childbirth, age, and a range of other factors can cause the normally tough, fibrous, sheet-like Read More >>

6 Jul, 2020 Blog Team

Urinary Incontinence

Loss of bladder control is twice as likely to affect women than men, with the most common types of urinary incontinence that affect women being urge incontinence/overactive bladder and stress incontinence which may be due to pregnancy, childbirth and menopause making it more likely. However, urinary incontinence is not a normal part of aging, and Read More >>

pelvic floor disorder

You’ll go through many different health situations in your life that aren’t taught in your everyday health class. Many people suffer from dysfunctions and disorders without ever knowing it. They go through their daily lives with complications that they don’t realize is an actual health issue. Such is the way with people that suffer from Read More >>