vaginal prolapse
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Prolapse Treatment Houston

  What is PELVIC ORGAN PROLAPSE?   Prolapse is when a female’s organs, including the bladder, uterus, & rectum, slips over time. This can create a lump in the vagina when the muscles and tissues that support those organs become weak, usually in older age. Causes may include: Child birth Menopause Hysterectomy Heavy lifting Chronic Read More >>

Overactive Bladder

Learn Everything You Need To Know About Over Active Bladder (OAB) Overactive bladder: a common problem Do you find yourself going to the bathroom much more than others? Does the urge to urinate seem to sneak up out of nowhere? If so, you could be suffering from an overactive bladder. A fairly common condition, overactive Read More >>

interstitial cystitis symptoms

Interstitial Cystitis Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment Interstitial cystitis, also known as bladder pain, can impact your daily life and your sex life. Learn more about interstitial symptoms, causes, and treatment. Approximately 3-6 percent of the female population in the U.S. (that’s between three and eight million women) currently suffer from interstitial cystitis. Interstitial cystitis (IC), Read More >>

kegels routine

A Simple Kegels Routine to Try at Home Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles with a simple kegels routine that you can do right at home. These easy exercises strengthen the uterus, bladder, and bowel. What do you think of when you think of muscles? You probably think of upper body muscles, such as biceps and Read More >>

Why Women Are More Likely to Suffer from Stress Urinary Incontinence Stress urinary incontinence is the most common form of incontinence in women under 60. Here’s what it is and what causes your need to pee. Stress urinary incontinence Stress urinary incontinence (SUI) affects between 4% – 45% of women in the United States. This Read More >>

How to Stop Frequent Urination

  The constant need to urinate is enough to disrupt your whole life. Find out what causes it and how to stop frequent urination and take back your life. An average person will urinate about 6 to 8 times in a full day. But if you’re urinating enough for it to be annoying, you may Read More >>

stress incontinence treatments

Urinary incontinence is very common but that doesn’t make it less embarrassing. Here are some stress incontinence treatments to help you regain your confidence. Did you know over half of senior citizens struggle with urinary incontinence? Even though it is incredibly common, many people remain quiet about the condition due to embarrassment. And guess what? Read More >>

stress urinary incontinence

  Maybe it happens when you sneeze. Laugh too hard. Engage in certain types of exercise like jumping or riding a bike. If you have bladder leakage during any of these activities, you may have stress urinary incontinence. The good news is you don’t have to live like this! We now know more about treating Read More >>

Weakened Pelvic Floor

Are you concerned that you might have a weakened pelvic floor? Here are 6 of the most common symptoms you need to watch out for, and some options for treatment. Weakened pelvic floor? It’s a case of “don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone.” What is it, you ask? The pelvic floor, or, more Read More >>

Vagina Health

Did you know you can improve your vagina health by eating the right foods? You can! Read on to learn about twelve amazing foods to boost your vagina health. Vagina health Did you know that your vagina has favorite foods? Okay so it doesn’t have favorite foods personally, but certain foods can keep it happy Read More >>