September Healthy Aging Month

Hormones and Osteoporosis

Wait, what? After age 50, one in three people worldwide will suffer an osteoporotic bone fracture; after age 80, 60% of people with a nonsurgical hip fracture will be dead within two years. Hip replacement surgery only reduces the death rate to one in three at two years. Common FDA approved medical therapies like bisphosphonate’s harden bones but have NOT been shown to actually impact the mortality rate from the deadly disease of osteoporosis.

Empiric evidence suggests that hormones like testosterone, estrogen and vitamin D are among the strongest therapies to prevent, and even reverse bone loss. Would it not be great to have some mortality data on hormones and osteoporosis? The famed Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) suggested a survival benefit from synthetic hormone, but WHI only studied one medication, one route, one dose. Could this benefit be realized with other sex hormone therapies?

Below is a graph of a typical post-menopausal female patient losing bone, who is then treated with bioidentical testosterone pelleting therapy, and retested over the years. Until we study these patterns, they are anecdote, but the patterns are impressive enough to warrant further investigation by the medical community.


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