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Natural Remedies for Vaginal Dryness

Are you suffering from vaginal dryness? Vaginal atrophy is one of the most significant complaints made by women going through menopause. It is second only to hot flushes.

Vaginal dryness is a distressing condition that can result in pain and itchiness for women going through it. The considerable discomfort caused by vaginal atrophy can become highly problematic and even lead to a stop in any intimacy within a relationship.

When women go through menopause, they experience several changes in their bodies, including tissue changes. The vaginal mucous membranes start becoming thinner, and the vaginal walls can lose their elasticity. These changes occur due to reduced estrogen and androgen levels brought about by menopause.

Many women can experience significant discomfort due to these changes, including soreness, itchiness, burning sensations, pain, and even bleeding during intercourse. Cystitis is also a condition they can face due to persistent vaginal dryness. If you want relief from vaginal atrophy, there are several lubricants that you can purchase. Additionally, there are a few effective natural remedies for vaginal dryness that can help ease the symptoms.

6 Natural Remedies for Vaginal Dryness

If you are not too keen on using lubricants or you prefer finding a more natural solution to the problem, here are some of the most effective home remedies you can try to address vaginal dryness.

1. Increasing Vitamin C intake

A diet with vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables can be an excellent natural remedy for vaginal dryness. Vitamin C is anecdotally known for improving your eyesight. However, this essential nutrient can also help relieve you from vaginal atrophy. Vitamin C has a crucial role in collagen formation in our bodies. Collagen is essential for strong and healthy skin throughout our body, including the vagina.

Ideally, you should consider adding more vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables. If it is not possible to add more vitamin C-rich foods, you can consider taking vitamin C-containing supplements to increase your intake.

2. Increasing Vitamin E intake

One of the reasons for vaginal dryness for women going through menopause is reduced estrogen levels. Increasing your vitamin E intake can help improve estrogen stability in your body. According to research, vitamin E plays an important role in estrogen stability. The result could be improvements in menopause symptoms, including vaginal dryness.

Vitamin E also helps maintain flexibility in our blood vessels, allowing improved blood circulation throughout the body. With better blood circulation, the vaginal tissues can receive adequate amounts of nutrients necessary to enhance the flexibility and moisture levels of vaginal walls.

Vitamin E can gradually affect tissue recovery and ease painful intercourse because it can heal the wounds caused by atrophy. Vitamin E can stimulate the vaginal mucosa and prevent infections. You can purchase vitamin E oil capsules, open them, and squeeze them on your fingers to apply directly to the skin inside the vagina.

You should ask your healthcare provider for advice on how to get the best use out of vitamin E capsules for your vaginal health.

3. Use Sea Buckthorn oil

Sea Buckthorn oil can be another exceptional natural remedy for vaginal dryness. The oil is derived from an orange berry-like fruit that grows on sea buckthorn shrubs. It has long been used in Chinese medicines for its beneficial effects.

The oil is rich in omega-7 essential fats. These fats are an important structural part of the mucous membrane that lines the vaginal walls. You can apply the oil to regenerate these membranes to keep the vaginal tract well-lubricated and healthy.

A double-blind study involving postmenopausal women found that sea buckthorn oil intake can increase the vaginal mucus membrane’s integrity, improving flexibility and natural lubrication.

4. Adding Red Clover to your diet

Reduced estrogen levels in menopausal women can cause decreased libido, vaginal dryness, and painful sexual intercourse. There is another natural remedy for vaginal dryness that can increase estrogen levels. Red clover is a herb that belongs to the legumes family of plants.

The herb is known to be rich in isoflavones, known to be beneficial for female hormone levels. These phytoestrogens are plant molecules with a similar structure to estrogen. They can mimic natural estrogen in the body to help our bodies regain the hormone balance.

Adding red clovers to your diet can help you increase your estrogen levels and reduce symptoms of vaginal atrophy and irritation.

5. Agnus Castus herb

Agnus Castus is another herb used widely to treat female hormone problems. The berries of this plant contain flavonoids known to affect estrogen receptors in our bodies positively. They are considered to regulate hormone levels indirectly.

The herb is also known as an adaptogen. It means that Agnus Castus can raise estrogen levels when they are low and reduce estrogen activity when it is too high. This normalizing effect can help you regain the balance in your hormone levels, possibly improving symptoms related to vaginal dryness.

6. Adding Flaxseeds to your diet

Flaxseeds are derived from a plant known for its health benefits. It is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids and plant lignans. The chemical structure of the plant lignan compound is similar to the estradiol hormone. These compounds can have an estrogenic effect.

Lignans are phytoestrogens that can bind to estrogen receptors in our body to increase the production of compounds that regulate natural estrogen levels. Several studies have observed the beneficial effects of flaxseeds on vaginal atrophy in menopausal women.

A study found that flaxseed showed beneficial effects on hot flash frequency and intensity. It also showed estrogenic effects, showing promising signs of its effectiveness in addressing menopausal symptoms, including vaginal atrophy.

Are You Seeking Help for Vaginal Dryness?

Vaginal dryness can be quite uncomfortable. Depending on how bad it is, vaginal atrophy can affect your quality of life. We can provide you with all the help you need to regain the natural lubrication and an improved overall vaginal health.

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