Best Night Sleep

Best Night Sleep

Did the busy holiday season keep you from getting enough sleep, or do you struggle with sleep in general? If you answered yes to either, then Best Night Sleep from Biote Medical may help.

Best Night Sleep blends calming and relaxing plant ingredients with melatonin, to lessen stress, calm agitation and ease mind and body into restful sleep. It contains no addictive ingredients or sedatives, so that you can expect to wake up refreshed without that groggy feeling.

A healthy nights sleep has been associated with improved metabolic function and overall health.

Biote Nutraceuticals

Biote Nutraceuticals have been carefully formulated to support bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), promote healthy aging, and enhance overall wellness. Backed by more than 80 years of science and medical data, these physician-grade products have been selected for superior bioavailability and can help ensure a complete and personalized approach to meet your health goals.

What is Best Night Sleep?

Best Night Sleep is the ultimate, non-habit-forming sleep formula for a more restful night’s sleep. This enhanced formula features herbal extracts, L-theanine, and an optimal 1-milligram dose of melatonin to help you fall asleep faster and sleep deeper.

Most people develop a sleep problem at some time in their life. Best Night Sleep uses well-researched plant extracts, including German Chamomile, Magnolia, Valerian, and Hops, that work together to promote restfulness.

Best Night Sleep now includes L-theanine and an optimal 1-milligram dose of melatonin. L-theanine is an amino acid that occurs naturally in green tea. Clinical research indicates it can lower stress and improve both the time to get to sleep and the quality of sleep. L-theanine may also improve mood and mental sharpness.

Melatonin is a major sleep hormone that is naturally released in the brain on a 24-hour rhythm that helps regulate your sleep patterns. Melatonin supplementation can further support your natural circadian rhythm and help you fall asleep faster.*

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