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Hormone Imbalance

Our hormones impact so much in our bodies. You may be struggling with persistent symptoms and not even know they might be related to a hormone imbalance! All of these could be signs that your hormone levels are off-balance:

➔ Low libido
➔ Fatigue or lack of energy
➔ Weight Gain or difficulty losing weight despite diet and exercise
➔ Mood Issues
➔ Brain Fog
➔ Trouble Sleeping
➔ Hot flashes and night sweats
➔ Hair loss or thinning
➔ And more

You may have been told that these are just signs of aging and you should accept it. But we’re here to tell you that there may be a better way—a way to optimize your hormones so you can live your best life now.

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  • Vanessa Cherr
    21. Sep. 2022.

    I have all the above issues except I don’t usually have the hot flashes.
    Interested in learning more. I was a patient over 10+ years ago.
    I’d always been told due to my mom having passed away with breast cancer that I couldn’t take hormones however I had another dr tell me I could.
    What is recommendation on this now?


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